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Apartment Nona Ančka

Apartment Nona Ančka

The apartment Nona Ančka (Granny Ancka) is located on the south side of the village Babiči, 150m away from the main road to nearby Marezige. When you're in Koper, on the roundabout near the Hipermarket, turn left for Marezige. Then follow the valley road to Vanganel, where the serpentines lead you directly to Babiči, past the Vanganel lake.

The view from the apartment goes from the nearby village Čentur to the sea horizon, from the laguna of Grado to the city of Trst, surrounded by its green hills. This widespread view of the Slovene and Italian surroundings will surely astound you.

The house is located in the middle of a green, country environment, filled with olive plantations, vineyards and fig trees. If you're looking for an escape from an exhausting and stressful everyday life, choosing the Nona Ančka apartment is the right decision.

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