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Apartment Nona Ančka

About Ančka


Nona Ančka was the original Šavrine woman, born in Babiči. In addition to taking care of her family, she was going every day (on foot or by carriage) to Koper or Trst to sell to well-off citizens local products she made at home (eggs, meat products, fruit and vegetables, homemade craft, bread, milk).


In her younger years, women and girls, before the advent of washing machines, were carrying their laundry in a plenjer on the head, big baskets from the village up to the 1,5 km distant stream of Rokava, where the laundry was cleaned manually.


Life of nona Ančka wasn't easy, but she handled life's problems with her own, good humor. With her kind and graceful nature she was well known among the inhabitants of Babiči.


For many years she was helping at childbirth on the homes of Babiči women and in the near villages, where she was respected as experienced and reliable. Despite a hard, country life she died at the respectable age of 91. She lived all of her life in her native Babiči.    


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